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Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

UAR - Urban Augmented Reality on your mobile phone

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) launch UAR : the world's first mobile architecture application featuring augmentded reality with 3D models. From 30 June 2010, UAR can be downloaded from Anroid Market and the Apple App Store.

NAI website

Pepijn Lemmens and Henk Vanstappen (2010). Connecting the Collection: From Physical Archives to Augmented Reality in the Netherlands Architecture Institute,  Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), The Netherlands. Archives & Museum Informatics. Museums and the Web 2010.


This paper describes both the technical and the organizational aspects of connecting the largest architecture collection in the world to physical reality by digitization: Collection Information Management, E-Depot, Middleware and display beyond the Web site via Augmented Reality.
Keywords: collection management, geodata, mobile, augmented reality, open source, open standards

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