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Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Project - The Question

"The Question is a collaborative and immersive theatre project that explores haptic technology in relation to navigation, perception and knowledge. Currently in a research and development phase, which culminates in a showing in June 2010 at BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), The Question is a collaboration between Extant (the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually impaired artists), BAC (a space for cutting-edge theatre), the Computing Department of The Open University and specialists Adam Spiers, Paul O’Dowd and David McGoran.
This innovative collaboration between engineers, artists and academics invites participants to explore a tactile and audio environment in the pitch dark.  Audience members will be guided by a haptic device, which uses robotics technology and infrared sensors to change its form in response to their journey through the installation.
The Question focuses on the senses of touch and hearing, and locates the drama of the narrative in the body of each participant.  The story is a fragmented recounting of an abstract blind character, struggling with scientific, philosophical and cultural questions of sensory translation, knowledge and the ultimate impact of these on individual identity." [The Question]

The Question - Team Interviews from Alex Eisenberg on Vimeo.
Resource: The Question

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