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Donnerstag, 11. März 2010


"BetweenCreation is a new way to enjoy art. BetweenCreation is a social network that seeks to promote emerging art worldwide. It's simple. Create an account, start uploading your artwork or find out the latest events and activity of other interesting artists." [http://betweencreation.com/]

BetweenCreation aims to:

1. Help artists develop their career by letting them publish and sell their artwork
2. Connect artists and increase possibilities of them working together
3. Promote artists / galleries, by giving them space to post the latest events
4. Assist art lovers to find interesting artists and fascinating events to attend, in their city or the rest of the world.

    BetweenCreation wants "to connect millions of people to the fascinating world of art by creating a product that people love to use." They "respect creativity and believe that artists should have an easier way to be known and art lovers to know them." [http://betweencreation.com/]

    Share your Art
    Discover Events

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